Quality Policy

The primary goal of the activities of PM Experts Sp. z o. o. is to ensure the highest level of quality
services provided while maintaining legal, market conditions and customer requirements.
We will strive to continuously improve the quality management system and commit to fulfilling it
ISO 9001 QMS requirements.


Our company makes every effort to meet customer expectations and for this purpose:

  • provides services in the field of:
    • advice on the development and implementation of design tools and methodologies,
    • outsourcing in the field of project management,
    • project management training.
  • complies with agreed terms of cooperation with clients and suppliers.


Achieving these goals is possible by implementing the following principles:

  • maintaining a high level of quality of work and services, which is the main goal of the business
    all employees at all organizational levels,
  • all staff are aware of their role in shaping quality and their responsibility in this area,
  • improving services,
  • conducting strict supervision over the course and performance of services,
  • all employees are systematically trained in the requirements resulting from the use of the quality assurance system in the company.

The company implements its quality policy through a creative approach to quality management, with special emphasis
taking into account:

  • promotion of quality awareness,
  • quality culture,
  • universal active employee participation,
  • quality motivation.

PM Experts Sp. z o. o. identifies interested parties and analyzes external factors
affecting the functioning of the company and assesses the risks and opportunities related to the company’s operations.

The established, accepted and communicated Quality Policy binds all employees
to consciously implement the assumed quality goals and tasks, meet requirements and continuously
improving the quality management system. Employees are aware that only individual
responsibility for the quality of their work and full identification with the company’s policy
guarantee the achievement of the assumed goals.


Ed. 1.0
Approval date: 19/09/2023

He approved
Chairman of the Board

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