Resource, Communication and Stakeholder Management

Effective team cooperation determines the success of the project.

The Team, Communication and Stakeholder Management training focuses on developing soft skills, key for every project manager. Interpersonal competences influence the quality of communication in the team, the effectiveness of cooperation and the involvement of stakeholders. The program includes developing the ability to cooperate with people of different personality types, efficient conflict resolution and negotiation training.

Resource, Communication and Stakeholder Management

Training objectives Resource, Communication and Stakeholder Management:

  • Preparing participants to build productive project teams.
  • Show support techniques motivation of the project team.
  • Presentation of key techniques and models related to effective communication and conflict resolution in organisation.
  • Adapting your management style to personalities of co-workers and the current needs of the project.
  • Understanding the role of formal and human structures behavior styles in the context of common situations occurring in projects.
  • Preparing participants for building and maintaining beneficial relationships with project stakeholders.

To whom do we recommend the training?

  • Project managers.
  • Members of project teams.
  • Management staff involved in projects.
  • People interested in improving soft skills in project management.
  • Candidates to obtain PMP® and CAPM® certificates.

Training program

Day 1

  1. Selection of project team members
  2. Differences between working in a well-coordinated and newly established team
  3. Team development dynamics
  4. Coordinating the work of a distributed team
  5. Planning and organizing meetings
  6. Formal reporting and project reviews
  7. Means and techniques of communication
  8. Identification of roles and responsibilities in the project
  9. Delegating responsibilities

Day 2

  1. Motivating and demotivating team members
  2. Adapting the management style to the situation and needs of the team
  3. Planning the model and communication channels
  4. Proven communication methods and ways to improve them
  5. Communication problems and techniques for dealing with conflict
  6. Identification of stakeholders and their needs
  7. Classification and management of stakeholder engagement
  8. Ways to influence stakeholders and arouse interest in the project

Participants after completing the training:

  • They are able to coordinate the work of teams with different levels of experience.
  • They know how to arouse interest and motivation to work and how to solve difficult situations in a team.
  • They can accurately identify project stakeholders and know how to negotiate with them.

Languages and locations:

We offer training in Resource Management, Communication and Stakeholder Management in Polish and English, accessible online and stationary in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław. We provide participants with information during training practical tools and knowledge supported by years of experience.

We also organize closed training courses at the individual request of the organization, adapting the location and scope to the client’s needs.

The Team, Communication and Stakeholder Management training is also the fourth module of the PMP® Academy – an original program thoroughly preparing for the role of an effective project manager. Join the Academy if you want to learn to use the best global practices. You can learn more about the Academy here.

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