Project Management Office

We support clients in designing and building effectively operating project management offices (PMOs).

We design and build effectively functioning project management offices

We understand that there is an effective PMO crucial to the success of projects and the overall development of the company. That’s why we offer individually tailored solutions, which include not only the functions performed by the PMO, team selection and positioning in the organizational structure, but also a wide range of development strategies.

We analyze current project management processes in the organization, which allows us to identify areas requiring optimization and introduce the necessary changes. Our team of experts specialize in customizing PMO functions, so that they respond to specific needs of the organization, supporting the management of projects, programs and project portfolios.

Most common functions of a PMO


Supervision of current project activities in the organization and analysis of data on the level of use of organizational resources in projects.


Development and implementation of organizational project management methodology and accompanying tools.


Substantive support for project managers.


Collecting historical information in a design knowledge repository.


Support in the implementation of training and consulting sessions in the area of project management.


Support for project portfolio management and implementation of the organization’s strategy.


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