When you entrust us with a project, we start work almost immediately. This saves you time and money you would normally spend recruiting and hiring a project manager.

Moreover, our cooperation can end quickly, without the need to employ someone permanently. We deliver skilled project management exactly when you need it, making your projects more efficient and effective.


Projects are led by carefully selected managers who have unique qualifications and essential skills crucial to the success of each project.

Our flexible approach, adapted to the specificity of the industry and the culture of your organization, adds value to both your project and the entire project environment. You can be sure that the projects commissioned to pmexperts are in the hands of experienced and proven specialists.


By working with us in the outsourcing model, you save on recruitment costs, tools and project manager training.

You only pay for the time that our experienced project manager actually spends on your project. Costs are clearly defined in the project budget, giving you full control over your expenses. We also provide simple procedures that reduce administrative costs. Focus on the key aspects of the project and leave the rest to us.

Transform challenges into successes

In a world full of variables, we offer stability and certainty thanks to access to the best specialists in the industry. Regardless of the complexity of your project, our team of experts is ready to support you at every step – from planning to implementation.

Benefits of Outsourcing Specialists

We have been offering outsourcing services in the area of project management for 19 years. We offer access to qualified project managers, program managers and PMO coordinators with many years of experience in various industries and internationally recognized certificates. Our experts take on the most demanding tasks, offering their knowledge and experience to fully contribute to the success of each project.

Pracownicy dyskutujący o danych.

Risk reduction

The experience and expertise of our consultants are a key element in reducing the risk of failure of our clients’ projects.

Thanks to our tested risk management processes, we can guarantee immediate response to emerging opportunities and threats during project implementation.

With pmexperts you will be able to quickly and effectively respond to all risks associated with projects and adapt to the changes resulting from them. This is the key to success in the dynamic business world.

Flow of competences

Our project managers not only bring unique qualifications with them, but also share them with employees in the client’s organization. This allows you to build internal competences in project management and supports team development. Our expert becomes a mentor, which creates a lasting flow of competences in the client’s organization.

Our cooperation will result not only in achieving the goals of a specific project, but also in the sustainable development of the competences of the client’s team.

Grupa pracowników omawiających wady i zalety projektu,
Zespół zgranych pracowników.

Optimized tools and design methodology

We are equipped with reliable tools and proven methodology that support effective project management. ASANA is an intuitive-to-use design software that makes it easy to plan, track progress and manage tasks. Our methodology is based on the best practices in project management and is adapted to effectively achieve project goals.

By working with us, you gain access to advanced tools and proven methodology that effectively support project implementation, saving time and money.

Start implementing projects
more efficiently

Our team stands out for its excellent communication skills in an international business environment and strong motivation to achieve goals. We adapt to the unique needs of each client, working with existing teams or creating new ones tailored to a specific project. By working with us, you can be sure that your projects are in the hands of experienced professionals.


MySAP ERP implementation for a multimedia mobile operator.

Restructuring of the finance and accounting department (10 projects) for a leading provider of cable television and telecommunications services.

Implementation of a data retention and sharing system required by the EU directive for a multimedia mobile operator.

Migration of a server room supporting business back-office systems for a multimedia mobile operator.

Implementation of the CRS system in an international trading company.


Let's Start
The Transformation
Of Your Project

Are you looking for ways to optimize project implementation and reduce the workload of your team? Our team of specialists is ready to take over project management, providing efficiency and professionalism that will allow your company to focus on key business activities.

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