Project Maturity Assessment

All companies implement projects. Some of them very consciously organize their design environment in a mature way.
Others spontaneously, improvising without any specific rules.

We measure and we increase the maturity of the organization in managing projects, programs and project portfolios.

Design maturity has a significant impact on effectiveness of project implementation in organizations, and as a result on success in achieving their strategic goals. It is built by creating and developing organizational project management methods, improving the qualifications of people involved in projects and providing teams with proven tools supporting project management. It is also an important element of mature design activity collecting organizational knowledge and experience resulting from ongoing projects.

It all begins from the assessment

The first step in building design maturity is assessment of its current level. We support clients in this area using our original method of measuring maturity in project management, based on over 15 years of experience in this field and world best practices.


Preparation to increase the organization’s design potential, i.e. the ability to implement more projects based on current resources.


Documenting and assessing naturally occurring project management processes.



Indication of the strengths and weaknesses of currently used project management practices.


Developing a list of recommended steps leading to further development of project management effectiveness in the organization.

Grupa pracowników omawiających wady i zalety projektu,
Ikona strategii.


Individual report
with our recommendation

We assess design maturity by analyzing the processes, methods and tools used, interviews with representatives of the design community and reviews of design documentation. As a result, a report on the organization’s design maturity is created, in which we present the results of our observations in several dimensions:

We summarize each project maturity assessment with a report with recommendations for further actions.


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