Effective Project Management

Do you want to quickly improve your competences and gain knowledge about project management? If so, the Effective Project Management course is for you.
The training quickly introduces the basics of project management and provides a foundation for further deepening knowledge in this area.

Effective Project Management

Training objectives Effective Project Management:

  • Introducing the basics of project managementthat every project manager and project team member should know.
  • Preparation to run projects of low complexity.
  • Get to know the whole thing project life cycle and tools and techniques used in practice.
  • Providing the ability to manage a project both at… classic approach, What agile.
  • Presentation of the learned tools and techniques on the example of a case study.
  • Help in applying new knowledge in ongoing projects.

To whom do we recommend the training Effective Project Management?

  • Anyone who is starting a new project and wants to learn techniques and tools critical to its success in a short time.
  • People starting a career in the world of project management and looking for a solid foundation.
  • Members of teams implementing projects, for a better understanding of the principles of the design process and their role at each stage.

Training program:

  1. Basic concepts
  2. Main goals and processes in the project
  3. Project initiation, project charter and stakeholder analysis
  4. Kick-off meeting
  5. Planning and defining project requirements
  6. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  7. Project schedule and budget
  8. Introduction to risk management
  9. Project team and group communication
  10. Project implementation, monitoring and control
  11. Project change management
  12. Closing the project

Participants after completing the training:

  • They have the most important knowledge and know key processes, responsible for project success.
  • Know most important tools and techniques related to running the project.
  • They know what is important at individual stages of the project, and thus with more self-confidence are entering the world of project management.

Languages and locations:

Introductory training to project management is available in the form of: online and stationary in Warsaw. Now we also offer the opportunity to complete the Effective Project Management training weekendy. We also organize training closed, adapting the location and program to the individual needs of a given company.

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