PMP® Academy

The PMP® Academy is a series of training courses thoroughly preparing you to work as a Project Manager and obtain the prestigious PMP® certification. We guide participants through the entire project management process and discuss in detail the knowledge areas of the PMBOK® Guide, with an emphasis on the most complex elements.

PMP® Academy

Main goals program:

  • development of competences participants in effective project management, 
  • increasing efficiency in project implementation, 
  • preparation participants to apply the acquired knowledge in independently ongoing projects, 
  • perfecting the skills by exercises as part of case studies of a selected project, 
  • construction foundation of competence for a coherent, mature project management culture, 
  • preparing participants for passing the exam and obtaining certification Project Management Professional (PMP®) and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®). 

To whom do we recommend the training PMP® Academy?

  • project managers who want to systematize knowledge and acquire practical tools for work,
  • beginner project managers who want to gain knowledge and develop the necessary skills,
  • project team members who want to increase their competences,
  • senior and lower management staff,
  • candidates to obtain PMP® and CAPM® certificates.

More about PMP® Academy

– The Academy consists of five modules. Module I-IV guide you from A to Z through the project management process. Module V is optional and focuses on preparation for passing the PMP® exam. 

– Academy prepares you to obtain the PMP® and CAPM® certificate, but certification is not everything. We focus on providing practical knowledge and tools, which participants can immediately implement into their own projects. 

– Training takes place in small groups allowing for… carrying out exercises. Thanks to this, participants can immediately use the acquired knowledge and discuss the results with the host. It is also an opportunity to meet new people and exchange experiences on project management in various industries. 

– The trainer for project managers is: practitioners with many years of experience, who apart from theory they also share examples and experiences from ongoing projects. Thanks to this, participants will learn real difficulties emerging in the project manager’s work and methods of dealing with them. 

– The educational cycle (V modules) is 99 hours meetings focused on education, improving competences, polishing skills and exchanging experiences.  In total it lasts from 3 to 4 months, and during the break between modules, participants have the opportunity to apply the learned practices in their projects at mentoring support from the lead trainer. 

– Academy training takes place in Polish and Englishonline (live) and stationary in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław, Kraków. It is possible to organize closed project management training for companies in other cities. 

PMP® Academy program

Module I – Managing Projects in Organizations

  • key roles and responsibilities in the project management structure,
  • best practices used in project management,
  • model project life cycle and its critical elements from the point of view of project success,
  • planning and simulation of the implementation of sample projects,
  • preparation for the implementation of acquired competences in the organizational environment.

Module II – Scope, Schedule and Cost Management

  • accurate scope definition and management of the project,
  • advanced ways of creating and analyzing a work breakdown structure (WBS),
  • schedule planning techniques,
  • techniques for efficient cost estimation and project budgeting,
  • tools for measuring project status,
  • project change management,
  • detailed planning of selected projects.

Module III – Risk, Quality and Procurement Management

  • identification and analysis of project risks,
  • preparing the organization to create a repository of project risks,
  • solutions and tools used to ensure and control product quality and project management quality,
  • internal project order management,
  • application of learned techniques and tools in sample projects.

Module IV – Managed Resources, Communication and Stakeholders

  • good practices related to cooperation in a project team,
  • good practices in building motivation and enforcing timely completion of tasks from project team members,
  • communication styles and tools supporting its effectiveness,
  • soft skills in the daily work of a project manager,
  • techniques for identifying and influencing stakeholders influencing the achievement of project goals.

Module V – Preparation for the PMP® Exam

  • comprehensive preparation for the PMP® and CAPM® exam,
  • presenting the structure of questions and rules regarding PMI® certification,
  • discussion of the project manager’s code of ethics,
  • consolidating and expanding knowledge in the field of project management, introducing English-language terminology and acronyms used in the exam content,
  • taking you through testing questions illustrating exam questions.

Benefits of participating in training for project managers

  • Understanding the full project management process – in theory and on examples from real projects.
  • Learning practical tools and techniques used at every stage of project management.
  • Understanding the processes and dependencies affecting the course of the project, developing the ability to plan, delegate tasks and supervise progress.
  • Learning and selecting operating methods to suit the specificity of the industry and a specific project, using the classic, agile and hybrid approach.
  • Exercises in groups enabling the use of learned methods in practice and discussion of the results with the instructor.
  • Improving soft skills necessary to shape positive relationships with the project team and stakeholders.
  • Preparation for certification, ability to solve tasks on the PMP® exam, in order to obtain the PMP® certificate.
  • Possibility to consult with a trainer on introducing new skills into activities in your own project.

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