Project Program Management

The training introduces the concepts of benefits management and program components to maximize the organization’s business benefits. Participants will become familiar with the key elements of The Standard for Program Management. They also have the opportunity to practice the most important techniques during a case study based on a real program.

Project Program Management

Training main goals:

  • Presentation of techniques and tools enabling the construction and control of project programs in accordance with the organization’s strategy,
  • Discussion of problems and challenges related to project program management,
  • Presenting best practices and familiarizing yourself with key terminology in a multi-project environment.
  • Familiarization with the key elements of The Standard for Program Management
  • Allowing you to practice the most important techniques during a case study based on a real program

Who is this training aimed at?

  • people designing, implementing and controlling project programs,
  • experienced project managers,
  • senior management staff,
  • people responsible for implementing the organization’s strategic goals.

Training program:

  1. Introduction to program management – differences between coordinating a program, project and portfolio
  2. Areas of activities in program management
  3. Adjusting the program structure to the organization’s strategy
  4. Defining key roles in the organization
  5. Program Card
  6. Program Roadmap
  7. Program Benefits Management Plan
  8. Realization of benefits
  9. Key program stakeholders
  10. Stakeholder engagement management
  11. Program management and supervision structure
  12. Coordination of the program life cycle
  13. Key activities in individual program phases

Participants after completing the training:

  • They know program management standards and can coordinate complex project initiatives
  • They are able to integrate individual projects belonging to the program and at the same time keep in mind the business value, the delivery of which is the key reason for running the program,
  • They know what steps need to be taken and what roles need to be filled for the organization to successfully implement the program.

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