AgilePM® Foundation

The AgilePM® Foundation training introduces participants to one of the most popular agile project management methodologies. It is used wherever there is a need to produce products while maintaining constant control over the project results.

During the training, we discuss the assumptions of the methodology and prepare to pass the exam and receive the AgilePM® Foundation certification, which is an official, internationally recognized confirmation of acquired competences.

The AgilePM® method can be described as a hybrid approach, combining flexibility and adaptability in creating solutions on the one hand, with comprehensive quality, risk, monitoring and control management on the other. This strategy motivates you to focus on carefully planning short-term goals while the details become clearer over time. Thanks to this, AgilePM® allows you to dynamically respond to changes in the product vision or the evolution of the business environment.

AgilePM® Foundation

Main goals of the training AgilePM® Foundation:  

  • Presentation of techniques and tools used in agile project management
  • Guide participants through the full life cycle of a project conducted in accordance with AgilePM®
  • Discussing the differences in the agile and classic approaches when running a project
  • Learning to respond to changing project conditions in an iterative manner
  • Providing participants with the knowledge necessary to pass the exam and obtain the AgilePM® Foundation certificate

To whom do we recommend the training?

  • Project managers who want to develop agile project management methods
  • Members of project teams from any industry where the dynamic course of the project is important
  • Employees of organizations who are looking for methods of producing products that give a sense of control over the project results
  • Business representatives who want to be active and important stakeholders in design work

Training program

Dzień 1

  1. Introduction to the AgilePM® methodology
  2. The main principles and benefits of the agile methodology
  3. Philosophy, principles and design variables
  4. Design variables – agile vs. traditional approach
  5. Roles and responsibilities in the project team in accordance with AgilePM®
  6. The main challenges of an iterative project manager
  7. Team communication
  8. Project approach questionnaire

Day 2

  1. Business focused products
  2. MoSCoW prioritization
  3. Using timeboxes
  4. Planning and control throughout the project life cycle
  5. Planning and control: testing concepts
  6. Key practices – facilitated workshops, modeling, iterative development
  7. Discussion of exam questions and tips for people taking certification
  8. Solving test tasks together

Participants after completing the training:

  • Znają zasady i wyzwania zwinnego prowadzenia projektu. Wiedzą, jak zastosować poznane zasady i techniki AgilePM®
  • Potrafią zastosować zdobytą wiedzę we własnych projektach. Wiedzą, jak przypisać role i obowiązki w zespole projektowym, potrafią dostosować cykl życia projektu do realnej sytuacji.
  • Posiadają międzynarodowy certyfikat AgilePM® Foundation, który jest potwierdzeniem nabytych kompetencji i ułatwia rozwój kariery.

Coursebook AgilePM®

After purchasing the textbook, you will receive an e-mail with an e-book in PDF format in your inbox. To open the manual, you must have a program that will allow you to view the file, e.g. Acrobat Reader.

Certificate AgilePM® Foundation

In order to obtain certification, the training must be purchased together with the exam. The AgilePM® Foundation certification is required to apply for the AgilePM® Practitioner certification.

Exam AgilePM® Foundation

  • the exam takes place during the last training session
  • multiple choice questions
  • inability to use teaching aids
  • 25 correct answers required to pass (50%)
  • duration: 40 minutes
  • can be carried out online

Languages and locations:

We provide AgilePM® Foundation training online and stationary in Warsaw. We conduct training in Polish and English. It is also possible to organize closed training in other cities in Poland. In each training, in addition to the necessary basic knowledge, we try to provide practical tips supported by the experience of trainers. We also organize closed training sessions, adapting the location to the individual needs of a given company.

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