AgilePM® Practitioner

The training is dedicated to project managers who have experience in project management and theoretical knowledge of the AgilePM® technique. During the training, we delve into the assumptions of the methodology and prepare to pass the exam and receive the AgilePM® Practitioner certification, which is an official, internationally recognized confirmation of acquired competences.

The agile techniques on which the AgilePM® Practitioner training is based bring quick results, especially in complex projects based on new technologies. Agile methods are dedicated to projects in which the scope is adjusted so as to deliver products enabling the achievement of business goals in a short time and within a limited budget.

AgilePM® Practitioner

Main goals training:

  • Understanding the practical application of the AgilePM® methodology in project management
  • Deepening knowledge and practical practice of AgilePM® techniques and tools
  • Deepening knowledge at every stage of a project conducted in accordance with AgilePM®
  • Discussion of the methodology in more complex design situations
  • Preparation to pass the AgilePM® Practitioner exam and obtain a certificate

Who is this training aimed at?

  • Project managers and project team members in any industry who want to deepen their knowledge of the AgilePM® methodology
  • Organizations looking for an effective and complete method of agile approach to product production, which also gives a sense of control over the project results
  • Business representatives who want to be active and important stakeholders in design work
  • People who want to deepen their knowledge of one of the leading agile project management methods and obtain a recognizable certificate in this field

Training program:

Day 1

  1. Roles and responsibilities from the project manager’s perspective
  2. The life cycle of a project conducted in accordance with AgilePM®
  3. Effective use of intermediate products
  4. Methods of timely delivery of results – MoSCoW and Timeboxing
  5. Team building and effective communication
  6. Techniques for collecting and analyzing customer requirements
  7. Estimating time and budget, monitoring progress

Day 2

  1. Planning and flexibility at every stage of the project
  2. Techniques for ensuring high quality products
  3. Risk identification, assessment and management
  4. Flexible approach and adapting methods to the needs of the project
  5. Familiarization with the structure of the AgilePM® Practitioner exam
  6. Solving test tasks together

Participants after completing the training:

  • They have advanced knowledge of running agile projects and are able to use it in practice
  • They understand procedures and flowcharts in areas relevant to the effective management of iterative projects
  • They have the international AgilePM® Practitioner certificate confirming high competences

Certificate AgilePM® Practitioner:

In order to obtain certification, the training must be purchased together with the exam. To apply for the AgilePM® Practitioner certificate, you must have the AgilePM® Foundation certificate.

Exam AgilePM® Practitioner:

  • 80 multiple choice questions
  • 40 correct answers required to pass (50%)
  • duration: 2.5 hours (150 minutes)
  • you can use the official textbook during the exam
  • the exam takes place on the day following the last day of training
  • the exam can be conducted online
  • the exam is conducted by the accreditation body APMG International

Languages and locations:

We provide AgilePM® Practitioner training online and in-person in Warsaw. We conduct training in Polish and English. It is also possible to organize closed training in other cities in Poland. In each training, we try to provide, in addition to the necessary basic knowledge, practical tips supported by the experience of trainers. We also organize closed training sessions, adapting the location to the individual needs of a given company.

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